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Article: Behind The Design: Bedfolk x Kinn Laundry Collection

Behind The Design: Bedfolk x Kinn Laundry Collection
Bedfolk News

Behind The Design: Bedfolk x Kinn Laundry Collection

We take soft and comfy things very seriously. Which means we also take washing and caring for them very seriously too.

That’s why we can’t wait to share our newest collection – one we know our comfort addicts have been waiting a long time for. Ever since we designed our first luxury cotton bedding collection almost five years ago, crafted by expert makers in a family-run mill in northern Portugal, we have been planning to pair this with the best care and laundry products ever.

We know, we’ve taken our time… sorry about that. It’s only because, like everything we make, we wanted it to be everything you’ve dreamt of. We seek out the best makers in the world as our partners and our new Laundry Collection is no different. This time, we’re partnering with the best in the business for laundry care; Kinn.

To introduce this exciting collaboration properly, we sat down with Kinn Founder Marie, and Bedfolk Founder Jo, to talk all things laundry.



Keep-Me Reusable Bottles

Tell us about how the partnership between Bedfolk and Kinn began

Jo: We’ve always wanted to create our own line of Laundry products, to make caring for our soft and comfy products as easy as possible. When you’ve invested in high quality home textiles, you want to make sure you’re caring for them correctly, and we know it’s important to our customers as it’s one of the main topics our Customer Care team chat to them about. Using the right products on your bedding and towels can add significantly to their lifespan, whilst keeping them at their softest and best long-term.  

Making detergent and fabric conditioner is obviously a completely different world to making bedding and towels, so we wanted to find a specialist we could partner with to make this collection the very best it could possibly be. I’d been using Kinn products myself at home and was blown away by the amazing scent and the eco credentials. Plant-based, UK made, non-toxic and scented with essential oils, the Kinn products worked so beautifully with our Bedfolk products, it seemed like the perfect fit. We reached out to Marie, had a brilliant conversation, and started work on the collaboration from there.

Marie: When we were contacted by Jo to discuss the potential collaboration for laundry care with Bedfolk I was super excited as I was already a Bedfolk customer.  We love working with brands who have the same ethos as us and we are very careful with regards to who we will work with.  As Jo said it's important to use the right products to care for your bedlinen and also it's very important to use non-toxic products, especially in bedlinen as you spend so much time sleeping on them. It was fun developing a fragrance that also made sense for bedding hence the blend we came up with is a mixture of essential oils that are calming.

Eco Laundry Detergent

Tell us a bit more about what makes these products special

Jo: So much! They’re UK-made, plant based, not tested on animals, certified vegan, and are approved for sensitive skin. They’ve been formulated with nature in mind and are powerful but non-toxic.

All of these things were so important to us, but the most exciting part of the development process for me, and what really makes these products such a treat to use, is the bespoke essential oil blend used to scent them. We worked with Kinn to create The Wind Down Blend, a mix of four pure essential oils (Neroli, Vetiver, Vanilla & Patchouli), all with their own aromatherapy benefits to help you wind down.

Neroli reduces stress and anxiety, Vetiver is balancing and grounding, Vanilla is a calming mood booster, and Patchouli boosts sleep quality. Together they just smell amazing, I could wear the blend as a perfume quite happily, and everyone who smells it loves it! It really elevates the experience of doing laundry, bringing a moment of grounding calm to your day, whilst also leaving a beautiful, subtle scent on your products. Getting a hint of The Wind Down blend on my duvet when I climb into bed is such a small thing, but scent can be a really significant part of winding down after a busy day.

Marie: It was important for all of us to ensure the products were in line with our ethos of being plant based, not tested on animals, certified vegan, made in the UK and bases that are paediatrician approved for sensitive skin whilst still having powerful cleaning abilities. We always incorporate essential oils that will be beneficial in the environment they are to be used in hence this blend being called The Wind Down Blend.

Eco Fabric Conditioner

What do you hope this new collection will bring to our community of comfort addicts? 

Jo: My hope is that we can make doing laundry a relaxing moment in itself, rather than a tedious chore, whilst also protecting and caring for Bedfolk products to keep them at their best for many years to come. As a brand we’ve always been committed to creating high quality products that are designed to last, but how they are cared for plays a huge part in their longevity. By adding these Laundry products to our collection, we are offering everything our customer needs to keep their bedding / towels at their very best long-term. We hope our customers love The Wind Down Blend and find these products as much of a pleasure to use as the Bedfolk team have!

Marie: I hope that our collaboration with Bedfolk helps people to wind down in the evenings and also helps to bring awareness to the fact that products don't need to be harsh to be effective.

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