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Article: 5 Calming Paint Colours That Will Transform Your Bedroom

5 Calming Paint Colours That Will Transform Your Bedroom

5 Calming Paint Colours That Will Transform Your Bedroom

Our favourite online paint brand Lick Home join us on the blog and share five colours that will turn your bedroom into a cool and calming space… 

Here at Lick, we totally and utterly support your colour passions; and love nothing more than helping you in all your home decorating ventures. But to kick things off and get you started, here are our favourite soothing colours, to inspire your very own dreamy sanctuary…

When it comes to colour, there is rarely a right or wrong answer. Each one of us will naturally be drawn to different shades and tones; and this can often depend on our personalities, style preferences and moods.

Chief Comfort Tester Juju in the Bedfolk Studio with Lick's Beige 02 on the wall

Bedfolk HQ with Lick Home's Beige 02 on the walls (oh and our Chief Comfort Tester Juju)

Nature at heart

Pale green is the perfect shade for a feeling of calm and tranquillity. There really is nothing quite as soothing as being outdoors and at one with nature; so, to be able to bring that feeling indoors would surely do the trick, right? Our shade Green 01 would help in doing exactly that – whilst still providing a warm enough tone to keep you feeling cosy during the colder months.

Style this bedroom colour with house plants and natural textures; for example, rattan and seagrass and oak floorboards that peep out from overlapping rugs. It’ll make you want to pad around barefoot.

Navy does it

This scheme is bold but undeniably uplifting, cool and crisp. Be brave and dive into solid navy, tempering it with bright white floorboards and linen.

We love Blue 06 and Blue 07. It’s a look that works well in larger spaces but compact rooms can really benefit from darker hues. We’d even recommend painting the ceiling in the same shade. This may seem radical, but uninterrupted colour softens lines and edges, and enhances the cosiness of your space.

Calming Bedroom Colours


Bright & White

There’s no surprise that white offers a beautifully calm and tranquil space to sleep in. The colour we associate with clouds and symbolic dream-like visions – what could be better than white walls teamed with crisp white bedding like this? Like sleeping on a fluffy cloud!

Both White 01 and White 02 are designed to keep the room looking fresh and bright, even on the darkest of days.

Style this shade of bedroom with a bold pop of colour. This will not only help to keep the space feeling cosy, but equally minimal enough to stop your focus from wandering when it’s time to go to sleep.


Rose blush

This is a shade full of softness. On a wall, it won’t come across as sugary or sweet, but quiet and composed.

We adore a very pale, bubble-gum shade of pink; especially in a bedroom. This colour represents compassion and comfort, so what better than creating your very own cocoon of self-love. Winding down never felt so good. Pink 01 has a slight hint of pale grey, which helps to reflect the light and keep the space feeling bigger and brighter.

Style this bedroom colour with a vase of fresh blooms and scented candles, to continue the theme of relaxation and self-care.



Barely-there Grey

This colour family is one of the best ways to make an understatement. Stick to the same colour on walls and wood so everything works together and choose accessories in a similar palette too. Weave a hint of colour into your scheme through textiles: a headboard, lampshade, cushion, end-of-bed blanket or a scattering of cushions

Neutral and minimal, yet cosy and comforting, Grey 01 is a light shade, with pale blue undertones – the perfect blank canvas for a peaceful sleeping environment.



If you’re still unsure about what colour would work best for your bedroom space, why not get in touch with one of our colour specialists – and allow us to offer a more tailored view on creating the bedroom of your dreams? We’d love to hear from you.

Visit Lick Home here

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