How to create a Scandinavian-style bedroom

The popularity of Scandinavian style shows no sign of waning, and its elegant, simple and relaxed vibe lends itself particularly well to bedrooms. We teamed up with interiors writer & stylist Abi Dare to bring you eight tips to help you transform your own bedroom into a soothing, Scandinavian-inspired sanctuary…

1. Choose calming colours

Muted colours are key to the Scandinavian look, and they help create a serene, tranquil feel. Classic neutrals such as white, grey and beige always work brilliantly, but they’re by no means the only choices. Soft pastels, earthy terracotta tones and restful shades of blue or green make great alternatives.

Scandinavian-Style Bedroom | Choose Calming Colours | BEDFOLKOur colour palette has been designed with calm in mind.

2. Avoid clutter

It’s hard to empty your mind and drift off to sleep if you’re surrounded by clutter. So, keep furniture to a minimum and make sure there are plenty of places where you can hide away clothes and other belongings. Built-in wardrobes can help maximise storage by using every available centimetre of space, but there are plenty of other options if your budget won’t stretch to bespoke pieces – divan beds with drawers, bench seats that lift up to reveal hidden storage underneath, even a few stylish baskets stacked in a corner.

Scandinavian-style bedroom | Avoid Clutter | BEDFOLK

3. Use texture to create cosiness

Texture is vital to adding depth and warmth to a pared-back bedroom, and all you need is a few accessories – a soft rug underfoot, a blanket or sheepskin draped over a chair, a couple of cushions dotted here and there. And on the bed, try layering a snuggly throw with our our ‘Relaxed’ super soft bedding, whose gently crumpled appearance is the perfect match for Scandinavian-style interiors.

Scandinavian-Style Bedroom | Add Texture | BEDFOLK
Relaxed bedding - perfect for Scandi interiors.

4. Opt for natural materials

Scandinavians tend to favour natural materials, and with good reason – not only do they look beautiful, they’ve also been proven to aid mental and physical wellbeing. In fact, research has even suggested that people sleep better in beds made from natural materials! So, look for furniture and accessories made from wood, rattan, stone, clay, leather and wool, and when it comes to bedding, choose cotton or linen over synthetic fibres.

Scandinavian-Style Bedroom | Natural Materials | BEDFOLK
Bedfolk bedding is made with 100% natural long staple cotton, without the use of any harmful chemicals. 

5. Add a plant or two

Plants can have a major impact on the look and feel of a bedroom, and they’re a common feature in Scandinavian homes. They add colour and texture, and also make spaces healthier by connecting us to nature, purifying the air and releasing oxygen. There are plenty of easy-to-care-for varieties that even those of us who aren’t particularly green-fingered will be able to keep alive – sanseviera (also known as snake plant and devil’s tongue) is particularly good for bedrooms as it absorbs carbon dioxide during the night.

That foliage will go nicely next to the crisp and cool texture of our ‘Classic’ percale bedding.

Scandinavian-Style Bedroom | Plants | BEDFOLK 
6. Choose versatile window dressings

Natural light is another key element of Scandinavian interiors, but in a bedroom you need to make sure you can block it out when needed. Consider ditching heavy curtains and instead combining breezy linen or sheer voile drapes with pull-down blackout blinds. This will give you the best of both worlds, meaning you can sleep soundly without any light disturbance and then let sunshine flood in come morning. Wooden shutters with adjustable slats are another excellent option.  

Scandinavian-Style Bedroom | Window Dressings | BEDFOLK

7. Alter the mood with lighting

When it comes to artificial light, make sure your bedroom has several sources of illumination so that you can alter the mood at different times of day. A statement pendant dangling over the bed is a great way to add a focal point and provide bright, overhead light when needed, whereas lamps create cosy pools of light that will help you unwind in the evening. They’ll also help to show off the lovely lustre of our ‘Luxe’ sateen bedding.

For bedside lighting, look for bulbs that emit warm yellow light, as bluish light disrupts our body clocks and makes getting off to sleep more difficult. Candles are also a must, and there are plenty of scented versions designed to aid relaxation – just remember to snuff them out before you drift off!

Scandinavian-Style Bedroom | Mood Lighting | BEDFOLK 
8. Add interest with artwork

Despite the focus on minimalism, it’s rare to see a Scandinavian bedroom without any artwork. Don’t crowd the wall with lots of prints; instead choose one or two statement paintings or photographs that will catch the eye and add a bit of interest. But make sure the style and subject matter are appropriate for a space aimed at rest and relaxation – vibrant pop art or violent scenes probably aren’t conducive to a great night’s sleep, for example!  

Scandinavian-Style Bedroom | Artwork | BEDFOLK

So now you’ve got a few Scandinavian bedroom ideas, why not take the first step and get that cotton bedding upgrade that you need.