It's getting hot in here...

Find the perfect summer bedding.

Summer's here and the mercury is tickling 30 degrees. But whilst the sizzlingly hot weather means blissful long evenings sat outside, it can also make for a terribly uncomfortable night's sleep.

But did you know that what you sleep on can make a marked difference to how comfortable you feel in bed?

We've put together a guide to help you choose the perfect summer bedding.

Pick Natural Fibres over Synthetics

As a general rule of thumb, natural fabrics such as cotton and linen are much more breathable than synthetic fibres such as polyester, or poly-cotton mixes. They're also natural temperature regulators - keeping you cooler in warmer climates, and cosy as winter rolls in.

At Bedfolk all of our bedding is made from 100% long staple cotton. 

Choose Your Weave carefully

In addition to the materials used, how your bedding is woven can have a huge impact on how you feel beneath it at night. High quality cotton bedding is typically produced in either a percale or sateen weave. A percale weave produces a cool and crisp fabric, like your favourite shirt, and is therefore ideal for hotter temperatures, whilst a sateen weave produces a luxuriously silky fabric, and has a slightly heavier drape, making it perfect for colder nights.

At Bedfolk, we offer two types of percale weave (Relaxed and Classic) - the perfect summer bedding.

Perfect summer bedding | Relaxed in Rose | BEDFOLK

Relaxed has the aesthetic of linen, whilst retaining the softness and breathability of cotton. It’s been designed to look and feel better when effortlessly crumpled.

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Perfect summer bedding | Classic in Snow | BEDFOLKClassic offers a more even distribution of colour and a smoother hand feel. Soft, crisp and airy, this isn’t your average percale weave – it’s refined, smooth and absolutely dreamy.

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So now you've got a comfortable night's sleep sorted, time to get back to that Pimms!