Relaxed Bedding Bundle | Snow

Includes Duvet Cover & Pillowcase Pair.

Your bedding upgrade begins here, with the essentials (duvet cover and pillowcase pair) bundled into a useful cotton storage bag. Add a fitted sheet or extra pillowcases for the ultimate upgrade.

About Relaxed

Comfort bedding, Relaxed is deliberately crumpled, for an effortless lived-in look. The finest cotton, garment washed to make it ultra soft, in pure white.

The Bedfolk Difference

Like all of our bedding, this set is woven from 100% long staple cotton, which will get softer with every wash. It is entirely free of harmful chemicals and synthetics, so you can sleep easy in the purest and most natural of sheets.

So you've found the perfect bedding. 
Now follow our easy care tips to get the best out of it for years to come.

1. Wash

Just pop your sheets into the machine on a normal cycle in warm water. Wash them separately using a mild liquid detergent to keep them at their absolute best.

2. Dry

If it happens to be a sunny day and you have a laundry line, then drying them naturally is ideal! If this isn't possible (and let's be honest, it rarely is), then tumble dry separately on a low heat. 

3. Soften

Softer sheets are better sheets. We recommend using our Wool Dryer Balls to naturally soften and fluff your bedding in the tumble dryer.

4. Iron (or not!)

You can iron or steam to remove wrinkles, or just let your bedding be. 

If you would prefer to be sleeping than ironing, just remove your bedding from the dryer whilst the slightest bit damp, and put directly onto your bed to finish drying flat, smoothing out wrinkles with your hands. Relaxed bedding has been designed for this.

If you want to experience our Classic and Luxe bedding at it's very best, give it a quick iron. To make this as easy as possible, we recommend removing from the dryer whilst slightly damp, and ironing straight away.

5. Store

Keep your sheets away from direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing in plastic - we recommend using breathable cotton storage bags (your Bedfolk bag is perfect for this!)


Sleep well.

"Bedfolk really are a dream. I love that there is a selection of fabrics to choose from and their Relaxed Bedding Bundle is everything I hoped it would be. Beautiful neutral shades and such luxurious, soft fabric. They'll be my go-to from now on!"

Megan (@wonderful_u)

"This is by far the best bedding that I have ever owned. I am really touched by the care that has been put into this product"

Mathilde (

"I've fallen in love. I'm never going with any other brand, I'm going to be a Bedfolk customer for life"

Mimi (@mimibouchard)

"Wow! I had my first night in Bedfolk last night and can honestly say this is the best bedding I've ever slept in. You can really tell the quality - they're so soft, light and breathable. So dreamy, can't imagine having any other sheets now"

Abby H

"The softest and comfiest bedding ever, what a treat at bed time! Love the rose colour and I don't even have to worry about ironing and they look so great! Couldn't wish for more"

Rosie G

"I love my Relaxed Bedding Bundle - the material is so soft and light, you really do get a good sleep. I'm going to have to buy a bundle in every colour now as my other bedding just isn't the same anymore"

Sarah B

"Thanks Bedfolk - this is by far the best bedding we've ever owned! It is super soft and we love the relaxed look"

Anna C

"Honestly the best bedding I've ever slept in. You really can feel the difference, this is for sure luxury without the massive price tag"

Tom F

"I ordered the Relaxed in Rose. It's the softest bedding I have ever slept in and has got softer each time I wash it. I can't wait to climb into bed every night...only downside is that it makes getting up in the morning much harder!"

Emma S

"I bought the Relaxed in both Rose and Dove and absolutely love it! It's beautifully packaged in a useful cotton storage bag and the colours are just lovely"

Emily F