Wrapped-in-a-hug softness

Bedfolk Plush Towels

Let us set the scene: no one is home and the bathroom vibe is low lighting, mood music and candles. After a soak or a shower,  you continue that warm and cosy feeling by wrapping up in our Plush Towel. Made from impossibly soft 100% long-staple Turkish cotton from the Aegean Region (it even sounds luxurious). It’s got the creds to back up its cloud-like touch: we’ve used Aerospin technology, which means the fibres are spun with air to create that wrapped-in-a-hug softness. Our Plush Towels will come in three colours (Rose, Snow and Slate) and five sizes, from a face cloth to make your skincare routine a dream to a bath sheet so big you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re already in bed. 

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