Bedfolk Bedding | Ridiculously Comfortable Cotton
Our quality

Ridiculously comfortable

We use only the finest calibre cotton, and ensure it is woven and finished without harmful chemicals or synthetics. Our pure, natural bedding was 12 months in development, because we wouldn't settle for anything less than perfect. You really can feel the difference.

Our mills

Ethically made

We are deeply invested in making our bedding ethically. That means partnering with responsible mills who share our commitment to high social, ethical and environmental standards. Our bedding is woven in a family-run mill in Portugal, surrounded by the beautiful countryside of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Our pricing

Honestly priced

By partnering directly with the best mills in the world, and selling only online, we've been able to bypass all the costs that have no bearing on quality. This means you get our luxury bedding for half the price of the high street equivalent.


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