Hi, we're Nick and Jo.

And that's our dog Juju - like our bedding, she's from Portugal.

Nick & Jo James | BEDFOLK Founders

We were inspired to start Bedfolk whilst shopping for our own home, and finding the experience of buying bedding confusing, uninspiring and expensive. Faced with stacks of plastic wrapped products that all looked the same, we were sure there must be a better way.

We made it our mission to simplify the process, and spent the next 12 months designing the kind of bedding we were looking for; ridiculously soft and comfortable sheets that are ethically made and easy to buy.

And best of all? By partnering directly with the top mills in the world, and selling only online, we've been able to bypass all the costs that have no bearing on quality. That means you get our luxury bedding for half the price of the high street equivalent.

We can't wait for you to feel the Bedfolk difference.