The Wind Down With Bedfolk Founders Nick And Jo

Meet our founders Nick and Jo - the comfort addicts behind Bedfolk.

Jo’s responsible for our soft and squishy products and how our brand looks and feels. Nick manages things behind the scenes, making sure our operations are as smooth as our sheets!

This weekend we’re chatting about winding down rituals, pre-baby lie ins, and why bed will always be Jo’s happy place.

Bedfolk Linen Cotton Throw in Ink
Nick and Jo unwind under the Linen & Cotton Throw in Ink

First things first.... What is it like working with your partner? Are there any rules you’ve had to put in place to separate work and home?   

N: We get asked all the time, usually followed by ‘I could never work with my partner!’. To be honest, we love it! Starting a business can be really lonely, but doing it together means that we’re able to support each other through the hard times, celebrate the successes, and see each other progress and develop every day. We get to do a lot of fun work related stuff together.

J: I don’t know how founders do it alone. Having that support and knowing that your husband/wife understands what it involves – it makes all the difference. There’s no denying that it’s full-on, but luckily, it’s been such an exciting journey so far that it’s no hardship for it to be such a huge part of our lives.

Nick and Jo James Founders of Bedfolk

It’s Friday night, what are you cooking/drinking and how are you switching off for the weekend?

N: We usually try to mark the end of the week by walking the dog and picking up some drinks and snacks, before doing a little cocktail hour in our garden if the English weather allows.

I’m a big craft beer fan and live dangerously close to a great independent beer shop, so I’ll usually sip on a couple of hoppy IPA’s, or we’ll do Gin & Tonics, Mojitos or a Tom Collins in the Summer. Seedlip gin and Lucky Saint beer has come in handy during Jo’s pregnancy to recreate without the booze…

Jo James Founder of Bedfolk

Where are we most likely to find you sipping tea and having a cosy moment to yourself?

J: In the week we set our alarm early so we can have a quiet cuppa in bed before the day begins. Those 15 minutes of peace are a great start to the day, though neither of us ever want to be the one to go and get the drinks (I blame the bedding).

We’re making the most of this before our baby arrives in July… I suspect it might be a tradition that comes to an abrupt end as soon as she joins us!

Nick and Jo James Founders of Bedfolk
Enjoying some down time before the Bedfolk baby arrives!

How does your bed help you wind down? 

J: Bed has always been my happy place. My Mum tells me even as a small child I slept a lot more than my siblings, and that has continued throughout my life – sleep is my go-to cure for anything and I go to bed unashamedly early.

Being in bed signals that the day is over, and however hectic it has been, there is nothing to do at that point apart from wind down. Obviously our Bedfolk bedding makes all the difference (we tend to sleep in a mix of Linen & Relaxed cotton) and we also use a diffuser every night – the smell of essential oils instantly relaxes.

Bedfolk Linen Snow White
Nick & Jo sleep in Linen in Snow with The Cotton Quilt and Quilted Squares in Clay

Do you have any other winding down rituals?

J: Ending the day with a hot shower and a skincare routine helps me switch from ‘work’ to ‘wind down’. I love facial massage (check out Sarah Carr's de-stress facial as part of Wind Down Week) and in pregnancy have also added some ‘bump massage’ to my routine after being gifted some bump-oil.

The other thing I do religiously every night is read – in the week I happily forgo TV so I can spend an hour reading before bed. 

How do you want your home to feel and why? What are your first thoughts when opening the front door?

J: We want our home to feel calm and comfortable. We have baskets in most rooms with throws/quilts and our sofa is piled high with Quilted Squares.

Like everyone, we have spent a lot of time at home recently, so I’m looking forward to having that lovely comforting ‘ahhh I’m home’ feeling again when we return to Bedfolk HQ. 

What are your favourite items in your home and why?

J: She’s not an item but she has to have a mention – our little dog JuJu. She’s a rescue dog from Portugal, and she’s the most sleepy and chilled dog I’ve ever known (perfect brand ambassador) – she can usually be found snoozing in a pile of Bedfolk quilts.

N: My slippers – once I’m through the door they’re not leaving my feet until I go to bed! Always on brand.

Juju the Portuguese rescue dog (and Chief Comfort Tester at Bedfolk HQ)

Describe your perfect weekend.

N: It starts with the weekend papers in bed. When we moved, we set up a weekend paper delivery from the post office which has been an absolute revelation!

We love food and often plan the weekends around it – either cooking in, eating with family, or heading out to try somewhere new. We’re big on brunch so will usually rustle up some poached eggs, smashed avo and homemade beans on a hunk of sourdough toast, along with a homemade smoothie or a virgin (usually) Mary.

We’re enjoying exploring the Cotswolds, so we’d go out for a long walk in the hills in the afternoon with Juju, or head over to see our families for a BBQ.

Sunday would ideally be slow - movies and snacks on the sofa finished off with a hearty roast to set ourselves up for the next busy week at Bedfolk.

Bedfolk Linen Rust Orange
A sneak peek at Linen in Rust launching in A/W 2021

Register your interest for Rust here

Quickfire Questions:

Are you Relaxed, Classic, Linen or Luxe and why?

Both: Relaxed and Linen – we love the effortless look of this combo (and don’t have an iron at home!)

What three things do you do before you go to bed? 

J: Switch on our oil diffuser, do a skincare routine, and always always read.

What’s your trick for going to sleep? 

J: Super-comfy bedding! It’s a game changer – once you’ve slept in good sheets you can’t go back.  

‘My sheets make me feel…’

J: Cocooned and content.

‘The song I fall asleep to is…’

Both: The Bedfolk ‘Wind Down’ playlist.

One pillow or two?

Two – and a quilted square each for evening reading / morning cuppa. 

Bedfolk Quilted Pillow Sham


Nick and Jo’s Lie In List


J: Currently re-reading ‘Thrive’ by Arianna Huffington, and I’ve just passed ‘Where The Crawdads Sing’ to Nick as it was brilliant. We also subscribe to Courier, which is a must-read if you’re a founder or part of a start-up.


N: Loved watching ‘The Defiant Ones’ – a documentary about Dr Dre and Jimmy Lovine, co-founders of Beats.


J: We’re both hugely into podcasts. Recent favourites include: Conversations of Inspiration with Holly Tucker, WeCrashed, West Cork, and The Missing Cryptoqueen.

Check out: 

J: Some brands that are doing great things that we’re loving at the moment:
Heights - Nick’s recently started taking these supplements and swears by them
Hare & Bear - recently set up by some of our friends, the loveliest gift boxes for new parents.

Some local brands that we love:

The Union Project

Deya Brewery

Ritual Roasters





Follow our founder journey: @bedfolk_jo