The Wind Down With Bedfolk Founders Jo & Nick

It’s been a crazy, uncertain few weeks. First and foremost, we’re sending our love – we hope you and your families are safe and well, and that you’re navigating these challenging times as best you can.

We set up Bedfolk to bring more comfort into people's lives, and we hope that over the coming months we can do that more than ever. Home has never been more important, and whilst we can’t welcome friends in, we can do so virtually - sharing our stories, taking joy in the smallest moments, navigating WFH.

So every week, we’ll be sharing some 'Winding Down With…’ stories, to welcome you into the homes of some friends of Bedfolk, and hopefully offering you a slice of comfort.

First up, the Founders of Bedfolk, Jo and Nick, want to open the doors to their home and welcome you in…

Stay safe, stay home, stay comfortable. Love Team Bedfolk x 
Bedfolk Founders Jo & Nick JamesNick, Jo & Portuguese rescue dog JuJu

Home has never been more important, and whilst we can't visit in person, we'd love you to describe what we'd be seeing if we were visiting.

Jo | Nick and I live in Cheltenham (where Bedfolk is based, and near to where I grew up) in an old regency building that was recently converted into flats. Ours is open plan, with one living space and two bedrooms. Two arched windows in the living space let lots of light in, which is helping to make up for our lack of outdoor space.

The décor is pretty minimal, which is what we love. Wooden floorboards in the living space, squishy wool carpet in the bedrooms, and white walls throughout which makes it feel serene and calming. Before Bedfolk, we bought and sold mid-century furniture alongside our day jobs, so we have a few special bits of furniture that we fell in love with and couldn't sell. Our favourite is a tulip table which is currently doubling up as a dining table and desk.

Naturally, the beds are layered with Bedfolk bedding and are ridiculously comfortable! We’re also testing lots of new products that we plan to launch, so we have an assortment of super-soft throws, quilts, cushions, towels and robes around our home.

Staying Home With | Bedfolk Founders Jo & NickLayers of comfort in the bedrooms

Have you found any small joys or silver linings in staying at home?

NickDefinitely. It's such an anxious and uncertain time, and it’s sometimes hard to keep positive. But you only have to turn on the news to realise how fortunate you are if you’re healthy, comfortable, and able to work.

We’re trying to stay positive and embrace things - enjoying the newfound sense of community in our building, as well as spending more time at home. I’ve dusted off an old camera in the hope of one day being able to take a picture good enough to put on our Instagram feed.

Nick Teaching Himself Photography

How are you finding winding down in the same place that you've spent your day?

NickWe don’t have children yet, and we used to work at home when we were setting up and first launched Bedfolk, so it’s not a huge change. But having only one living space, and working together as husband and wife, throws up its challenges. We try to stick to a routine, and when we stop for the evening, we’ll try to change the vibe in the flat by turning off the main lights, lighting a candle, and playing some music.

Staying Home With | Bedfolk

Are there any products you've really found have helped during this period?

Jo |

  1. I love my Neom Wellbeing Pod. It's one of the best presents I've ever been given, it's been used every night before bed for the last 18 months.
  2. Noctu loungewear - super soft and comfortable for WFH.
  3. My Bedfolk bedding offering comfort every evening.
  4. Not a product, but I've just joined The Hyphen-Book Club - Emma Gannon (who sleeps in Relaxed in Dove) recently set it up. On Instagram they have daily book recommendations, and there is a monthly book to read together. It's a perfect time to be part of a community with other book-lovers!
  5. Also not a product, but for those who do yoga regularly and are missing their classes, I'm loving Yoga with Adriene on YouTube (her adorable dog Benji makes it even better).

Staying Home With | Yoga
Your favourite words of wisdom for this enforced downtime…

Jo | Caitlin Moran wrote an amazing column in The Times last weekend called "What we all need to do right now". I loved this quote: 

"Imagine what it will be like when it's all over. Imagine how amazing it will be when they finally give the all-clear, and people can go out again. The world will explode with joy - there will be street parties and raves, and hugging will come back, and you'll be dancing to all the new songs that people, even now, are composing in their rooms, which will be the most outrageously life-affirming, catchy songs ever written. It will be the best time ever - like the Roaring Twenties, the Summer of Love, acid house and Britpop combined. Everything has its equal and opposite reaction - and however sad and worried you feel this summer, next summer will be the most exciting and carefree of your life."

Staying Home With | Bedfolk Founders Jo & Nick

Jo & Nick's Home Comforts

The Music

Laura Marling (who is running guitar tutorials on Instagram live every Thursday & Sunday at the moment).

The Scent

The Neom 'Complete Bliss' diffuser.

The Meal

This Orzo & Roasted Tomato dish is a delicious one tray bake and so easy to make. Literally a bowl of comfort.

The Book 

She Said - Jodi Kantor & Megan Twohey.

The Series

The American Office, easy to dip in and out of, and always a guaranteed laugh.

WFH Uniform

Jo - I've just invested in some Noctu 'Aku' harem joggers and 'Luna' cosy top.

Nick - I wear my 'Coho' sweatshirt from Finisterre way too often.

Stay home, stay safe & take care of each other x 

We know not everyone is able to stay at home at the moment. We're teamed up with Dr.PAWPAW, Catherine Tough, Woods of WindsorNightire and Freya + Bailey to create some boxes of comfort for those on the front line. If you know a hero who deserves the gift of comfort, drop us an email to nominate them on