Pillowtalk with Tina Jui (The Worktop)

The fourth in our Pillowtalk series, where we chat with creative people who inspire us.

When we came across Tina Jui's blog - The Worktop - we couldn't wait to try some of the delicious breakfast and brunch recipes. This blog was made for weekending, with some of our favourite breakfast in bed recipes including this harissa onion and poached egg on toast, and this healthy peach crisp with granola.

Tina used to work as an attorney in LA, but these days cooks, photographs and writes about breakfast and brunch, as well as hosting pop-up brunches at her home. We sat down to talk about our mutual love of cinnamon rolls ("like an overstuffed marshmallow of cinnamon sweetness" - try the recipe), simple and easy bedtime routines, and Sundays spent in PJ's. 

Tina Jui | The Worktop | Breakfast Recipes | Pillowtalk with BEDFOLK

Owl or lark?

Lark. And the first thought – what’s for breakfast?   

My morning routine looks something like…

Waking up to a happy toddler climbing on my face! Every single day. 

On weekends, the two of us wake and go straight to the kitchen to make waffles and coffee (for me). Only after we finish eating, we’ll change out of our PJs and get ready to start the day.

If I’m feeling healthy for breakfast, I’ll make…

A simple and plain breakfast plate with eggs, cucumber slices, and chopped tomatoes. I’ll pair that with a bowl of Bircher, yogurt and granola, or chia pudding.

 If I’m feeling indulgent for breakfast, I’ll make…

Cinnamon rolls! A big overnight breakfast bake! Stuffed French toasts!

This is exactly what I look forward to on the weekends.

Cinnamon Rolls | Brunching with BEDFOLK

My perfect lazy Sunday looks like…

Staying in my PJs, making any of the above brunches and sharing it with family and friends.

We love having friends over for brunch on the weekend and chatting over pots of coffee together. 

My bedroom style is…

A family affair. We have a super king bed that’s big enough fit the entire family. Me, my husband, my toddler, and our dog.

It’s an extremely cozy room with a lots of pillows, a fluffy comforter and stacks of books. We love bedtime stories and reading in bed.   

I take inspiration in my recipes from...

All over the place. I love to talk to people about what they like eating, what they ate growing up, and their favourite comfort foods.   

Also, a lot of my breakfast recipes are quick and easy. That’s from my experience of throwing food together to get my family out the door in the mornings. Eventually, our morning “breakfast messes” get tweaked into a recipe that’s worthy to share. 

Tina Jui The Worktop | Pillowtalk | BEDFOLK

I’m currently reading…

Becoming by Michelle Obama.

My bedtime routine looks something like…

 PJs. Cozying up. Bedtime reading in bed. Sleep. Simple and easy.

My favourite thing about Bedfolk bedding is…

The softness of our bed when we all turn in. I love pairing the rose duvet with the snow sheets and pillow cases.

Tina and her family sleep in Relaxed in Rose with an extra Snow pillowcases pair and Snow sheet.

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Relaxed in Rose Bedding Bundle | BEDFOLK