6 Tips For The Perfect Duvet Day

There aren’t many times where there is nothing to do but indulge in delicious, warm duvet-ness… so when the time comes, it’s worth doing it right. Here’s our 6 tips for perfecting the art of the duvet day.

1. Dress for the occasion

You’ve got to have the right threads –  the softest bed socks, leggings, joggers and oversized knits. Whatever you wear, keep it comfy.

2. Duvet bliss.

Super soft bedding is an absolute must for those dreamy moments of duvet bliss. Looking to upgrade your bedding game? We know the perfect place to find your dream bedding.

Duvet Days |  Bedfolk

3. Build a nest.

Either on the sofa, or in bed. Pillows piled high, snacks in easy reach and a big pile of magazines and books. All of those articles you’ve been wanting to read for months? Now’s the time.

4. Turn the alarm off.

We won’t be seeing you until tomorrow buddy.

The perfect duvet day | BEDFOLK

5. Netflix and chill. (Actual Netflix and chill…)

It’s finally time to catch up on those box sets, or curl up and watch a film – here’s a handy guide to the Ultimate Duvet Day Films.


6. Embrace the nap.

Because when else is napping in the day acceptable?


So there you have it. Everything you need to enjoy a blissful duvet day.